Clerical Assistant Interview Questions

Clerical Assistant Interview Questions

July 14th, 2020

Also known as Office Clerks and Clerical Workers, Clerical Assistants provide support to office teams by performing clerical and administrative tasks. They are responsible for typing copy, maintaining filing systems, and handling phone and email communications.

When interviewing Clerical Assistants, look for candidates who demonstrate strong communication, computer, and organizational skills. Be wary of candidates who lack good interpersonal skills and those who lack the necessary language skills to spot spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in important documents.

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Interview Questions for Clerical Assistants:

1. How would you organize a variety of documents for a busy office?

Demonstrates candidates' organizational skills and their ability to maintain an effective filing system.

2. How do you verify information before processing it?

Illustrates candidates' work experience and their information processing skills.

3. How would you respond if a coworker accused you of losing an important document?

Shows candidates' teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

4. What methods would you use to secure confidential information?

Demonstrates candidates' discretion and ability to handle sensitive information.

5. What steps should you take when setting up a meeting?

Shows candidates' knowledge of the job as well as their critical thinking, attention to detail, and planning skills.

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