Car Salesman Interview Questions

Car Salesman Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as a Car Salesperson, a Car Salesman will sell cars as well as value-adding services such as maintenance plans and warranties to customers. They assist potential customers by matching their desires, needs, and budget to the appropriate car.

When interviewing for a Car Salesman, the most suitable candidate will have a passion for cars and an amicable, high-energy personality. They will also be motivated by profits, competition and customer satisfaction. Be wary of candidates who have low energy or seem untrustworthy.

Employers typically use "Salesperson", as women are equally capable of applying for and filling these positions. Nevertheless, the term Salesman has persisted as a common reference to this position.

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Interview Questions for Car Salesman:

1. How do you approach a potential customer who is browsing our showroom floor?

Reveals more about their sales process. Look for someone who has a non-obtrusive approach.

2. Why do you want to sell cars?

Reveals their motivation. Look for answers involving earning commission. Your ideal candidate should have a desire to earn money and a passion for cars.

3. How would you deal with a customer who is hesitant to make a final purchasing decision?

Tests interpersonal skills. Look for someone who isn’t too aggressive in their closing technique.

4. A customer walks onto the showroom floor and states that they had been in earlier that week. They are now willing to make a purchase, but the salesman who had helped them is not in that day. How would you assist this customer?

Reveals honesty and ability to work in a team. Look for answers involving assisting the customer without claiming the commission from their colleague.

5. You are behind in your sales target. What would you do to change this?

Tests lateral thinking. Look for answers that involve working extra hours and other pro-active solutions such as cold calling.

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