Cancer Registrar Interview Questions

Cancer Registrar Interview Questions

May 20th, 2019

Cancer Registrars, also known as Tumor Registrars, gather cancer patient histories, diagnoses, treatments, and other information, then enter it into a database that is used to advance cancer research and treatment.

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Interview Questions for Cancer Registrars:

1. What software programs have you used to capture and work with data?

Tests whether the candidate will be able to use the necessary data entry and reporting programs.

2. How do you handle sensitive and private information?

Tests the discretion of the candidate, and whether they follow best practices for keeping confidential information safe and secure.

3. What would you say to a patient who is reluctant to give you information?

Tests the candidate's interpersonal skills, and their knowledge of ethical practices.

4. How regularly do you make follow-up calls for discharged patients' updated information?

Tests whether the candidate is diligent in updating the registry.

5. What is your typing speed?

Tests the candidate's ability to enter data quickly, without sacrificing accuracy.

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