Calligrapher Interview Questions

Calligrapher Interview Questions

October 8th, 2019

Calligraphers use special nibs, brushes, and ink to produce beautiful writing. They can be employed full-time, but often do freelance work. Calligraphers write out portions of diplomas, create invitations, and may also write letters and cards. Regular practice and experimentation with different paper, paints, and ink, are part of the job.

When interviewing Calligraphers, the best candidates are disciplined and demonstrate a passion for writing. Look for candidates who are creative, meticulous, and deadline-driven.

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Interview Questions for Calligraphers:

1. What is the most interesting calligraphy project you have worked on so far?

Reveals interests, experience, and skill level.

2. How do you ensure your calligraphy skills remain sharp?

Reveals practice techniques and discipline.

3. How would you select the calligraphy style and media for a project?

Tests knowledge of calligraphy, as well as planning and organization skills.

4. What has been the most challenging project you have worked on so far?

Reveals skill level and experience, and also highlights potential weaknesses.

5. Describe the most recent calligraphy project you completed. What did you learn?

Tests planning, time management, skill level, and willingness to learn.

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