Bridal Stylist Interview Questions

Bridal Stylist Interview Questions

April 21st, 2020

Bridal Stylists assist customers to realize their bridal gown and styling dreams. They take measurements, assist with fittings, and suggest accessories that match different bridal gown styles. Their duties include recommending gowns that complement body types and that are well suited to the planned events.

When interviewing Bridal Stylists, look for candidates with a passion for bridal styling and experience in a sales role. Be wary of candidates who lack diplomacy and patience, and those with limited knowledge of trends in bridal fashion.

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Interview Questions for Bridal Stylists:

1. Tell me about the most challenging customer you've assisted. What did you learn?

Assesses whether the candidate’s experience matches the job requirements and also reveals potential weaknesses.

2. A customer sets her heart on a gown with an unflattering fit. How do you respond?

Reveals the candidate's interpersonal skills, as well as whether they demonstrate a customer-oriented approach.

Highlights industry knowledge and also potential weaknesses.

4. You see a stain on a bridal gown to be collected within an hour. What do you do?

Tests problem-solving skills and reveals how the candidate performs under pressure.

5. Can you describe the most beautiful wedding gown you've ever seen?

Evaluates the candidate's knowledge of wedding gown styles and their familiarity with fashion industry terminology.

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