Behavior Therapist Interview Questions

Behavior Therapist Interview Questions

August 6th, 2019

Behavior Therapists are employed by hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, schools, or detention facilities where they help patients manage mental health disorders and overcome phobias, addictions, and traumas. They also assist patients in developing healthier thought patterns and behaviors.

When interviewing Behavior Therapists, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate patience, understanding, and exemplary counseling skills. Be wary of candidates who are unempathetic and have poor analytical and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Behavior Therapists:

1. How do you deal with situations in which patients are resistant to current treatment programs?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge as well as analytical and problem-solving skills.

2. How would you gain patients' trust?

Demonstrates the candidate's patience as well as communication and counseling skills.

3. How would you communicate with very young patients?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge, patience, and communication skills.

4. How would you help a patient overcome a smoking addiction?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge and experience.

5. What is the best way to help patients overcome phobias?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of behavior therapies, counseling skills, and experience.

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