Beauty Advisor Interview Questions

Beauty Advisor Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

Beauty Advisors assist customers with finding skincare products and cosmetics that meet their needs by giving makeovers or demonstrations. Beauty Advisors have extensive knowledge of skin care and cosmetics, have strong sales ability, and engage customers with the intent to sell products.

When interviewing Beauty Advisors, look for candidates who demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the beauty industry and its products as well as passion for the beauty industry. Be wary of candidates who lack good communication and sales abilities.

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Interview Questions for Beauty Advisors:

1. What do think is the best skin care product currently on the market and why?

Demonstrates candidates' interest in and knowledge of the field.

2. What process do you use to determine which products would best fit the needs of a customer?

Demonstrates observation and analytical skills.

3. How would you handle an angry customer who is dissatisfied with a product you sold them?

Demonstrates candidates' interpersonal, communication, and problem solving skills.

4. What will you do to fill periods of down time?

Demonstrates candidates' time management and creative skills. Look for candidates who use down-time to come up with strategies to improve sales.

5. How would you sell our products to customers?

Demonstrates sales abilities. Be wary of candidates who attempt to close a sale without considering the customers' needs.

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