Auto Body Technician Interview Questions

Auto Body Technician Interview Questions

August 8th, 2019

Auto Body Technicians service the exteriors of automobiles. Before doing so, Auto Body Technicians consult with clients, and perform their own inspections of these vehicles.

When interviewing Auto Body Technicians, the most suitable candidate will exhibit extensive knowledge about and a keen interest in auto body repairs. Be wary of candidates who are impatient, unprofessional, and lacking in energy.

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Interview Questions for Auto Body Technicians:

1. Which of your auto body repair jobs are you proudest of?

Highlights work experience and expertise.

2. Which repair or modification jobs would you refuse to complete?

Reveals adherence to safety and ethical codes.

3. At what point is a vehicle not worth repairing?

Assesses expertise, including analytical skills.

4. What would you do if a client suggested too short a turnaround time?

Tests problem-solving, communication, and customer service skills.

5. How would you ensure that customers returned to the shop?

Shows expertise and customer service skills.

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