Associate Attorney Interview Questions

Associate Attorney Interview Questions

August 7th, 2019

Associate Attorneys provide counsel and representation for clients implicated in legal matters. Associate Attorneys typically provide assistance to seasoned Attorneys, and may work in any area of law.

When interviewing Associate Attorneys, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent research, writing, and negotiating skills. Be wary of candidates who are exploitative and lack communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Associate Attorneys:

1. Why did you decide to become an Associate Attorney?

Demonstrates an interest in the profession.

2.Which strategies have proven to be most effective at trial?

Highlights legal expertise.

3. Can you describe a time when you were forced to deviate from your moral code?

Reveals morals and reflexivity.

4. What would you do if a coworker was conducting illegal activity?

Assesses trustworthiness and interpersonal skills.

Shows industry knowledge and insight.

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