Animal Breeder Job Description

Animal Breeder Job Description

October 17th, 2019

An Animal Breeder uses knowledge of genetics and conformation to make a selection of breeding stock that will produce superior offspring.

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Animal Breeder Job Description Template

We are looking for an Animal Breeder to be responsible for selecting and breeding animals according to genealogy, characteristics, and offspring. The responsibilities of the Animal Breeder include facilitating breedings, assisting with births, and administering medications and supplements.

To be successful as an Animal Breeder, you should have knowledge of the animal breeding process, a passion for animal breeding, and knowledge of the potential risks of animal breeding. Ultimately, a top-notch Animal Breeder should be an effective communicator, have good organizational skills, and be physically fit.

Animal Breeder Responsibilities:

  • Adjusting controls to maintain building temperatures required for animals' health and safety.
  • Attaching rubber collecting sheaths to genitals of tethered bulls and stimulating animal's organ to induce ejaculation.
  • Incubating eggs until hatching.
  • Injecting animal semen into female animals for breeding purposes.
  • Examining animals to find illnesses or injuries.
  • Maintaining logs of semen.
  • Feeding animals.
  • Performing procedures on animals.

Animal Breeder Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Agriculture or Veterinary Sciences.
  • Training as an Animal Breeder.
  • Knowledge of Genetics.
  • A calm demeanor.
  • Compassion for animals.

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