Administrative Associate Interview Questions

Administrative Associate Interview Questions

April 14th, 2020

Administrative Associates are entrusted with high-level administrative responsibilities. They monitor expenditure and issue payments, ensure efficiency in office operations, and liaise between management and staff. Their duties also include events management.

When interviewing Administrative Associates, look for candidates with exceptional communication skills and demonstrable experience in similar roles. Avoid candidates who have limited experience in managing expenses and those who struggle to handle confidential information.

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Interview Questions for Administrative Associates:

1. Can you describe the skills you've relied upon in this role?

Reveals the candidate's skills, as well as their understanding of the job requirements.

2. Which system have you found works the best for tracking expenditure?

Demonstrates the candidate's experience and knowledge of managing expenses.

3. Which software has made your payroll administration tasks easier, and why?

Evaluates the candidate's competency with industry software, and also reveals potential weaknesses.

4. A manager insists that you refund unapproved hotel expenses. How do you respond?

Shows the candidate's communication and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to respond appropriately.

5. A colleague asks for details about the salary of a co-worker. What do you do?

Highlights the candidate's professionalism in dealing with highly confidential information they have access to.

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