Senior Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

Technical Manager Interview Questions

August 26th, 2019

Senior Administrative Assistants perform an assortment of clerical functions such as typing, printing, and database administration. These experienced administrative employees may also be tasked with scheduling meetings and other events.

When interviewing Senior Administrative Assistants, apt candidates will exhibit commendable interpersonal and planning skills, plus a self-directed approach to work. Be wary of candidates who lack familiarity with pertinent computer applications.

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Interview Questions for Senior Administrative Assistants:

1. How would you begin each day to ensure that the office runs smoothly?

Examines prior experience plus the ability to foresee and accommodate staff's needs.

2. Which filing systems are you accustomed to using?

Highlights expertise.

3. What would you do if you had to interrupt an important meeting?

Tests knowledge about appropriate steps in urgent situations, and interpersonal skills.

4. What protective measures would you observe when working with confidential data?

Assesses the ability to file and obtain data without compromising it.

5. Which data should not be stored on the cloud?

Reveals an understanding of pertinent legislation.

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