Actuarial Analyst Interview Questions

Actuarial Analyst Interview Questions

August 5th, 2020

Actuarial analysts provide pivotal financial information to financial institutions, insurance companies, and other businesses. They predominantly analyze data using statistical modeling and complex mathematical formulas to assess risk. Actuarial analysts report to credentialed actuaries.

When interviewing candidates for an actuarial analyst position, earmark those who demonstrate exceptional critical thinking and communication skills, and who have proven mathematical and statistical skills. Be wary of candidates who have never worked with statistical analysis software.

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Interview Questions for Actuarial Analysts:

1. What is your first step when analyzing new data?

Tests the candidate's knowledge and experience working with data.

2. How do you check the validity of a data source?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills.

3. Which analysis software are you most comfortable using?

Evaluates the candidate's experience with statistical analysis software and their computer literacy.

4. Have you ever experienced conflict with a colleague? How did you solve the problem?

Tests the candidate's ability to solve problems, communicate, and work as part of a team.

5. What would you say is your most important role as an actuarial analyst?

Reveals the candidate's level of insight into the responsibilities of the position and how it relates to other roles within the organization.

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