Youth Support Worker Interview Questions

Youth Support Worker Interview Questions

October 7th, 2019

Youth Support Workers strive to support at-risk cohorts through targeted psychosocial, housing, and employment-related initiatives. Reunification is a foundational feature of many such endeavors.

When interviewing Youth Support Workers, strong candidates will exhibit demonstrable community orientations. Be dubious of culturally insensitive and hostile candidates.

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Interview Questions for Youth Support Workers:

1. What are the most prominent inequities in our vicinity?

Tests for evidence of critical community engagement.

2. Which core phenomena underpin homelessness?

Highlights knowledge about housing and family-related vulnerabilities.

3. Which nearby facilities should homeless youth be familiar with?

Evaluates the acquaintance with pertinent nearby resources.

4. How would you solidify the unemployed youth's job-seeking endeavors?

Reviews the ability to issue career-related guidance.

5. When would reunification be inappropriate?

Inspects perceptions about adaptive family connections.

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