Youth Specialist Job Description

Youth Specialist Job Description

October 8th, 2019

Youth Specialists champion wellness initiatives geared at individuals located in the stages between middle adolescence and early adulthood. Precise responsibilities vary, though each endeavor spearheaded by Youth Specialists comprises physical or psychosocial constituents.

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Youth Specialist Job Description Template

We are searching for a groundbreaking Youth Specialist to safeguard our minor and young adult clients. The Youth Specialist will be tasked with performing residence inspections, discerning access to pertinent social support networks, and bolstering family connections. If needed, you should facilitate the appropriate rehoming of underserved youth.

To ensure success as a Youth Specialist, you should be unfaltering in your advocacy-related initiatives. Ultimately, a commendable Youth Specialist will strive to preserve adaptive family ties.

Youth Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Inspecting home environments to gauge their safety for youth.
  • Advising on requisite environmental alterations to safeguard physical wellness.
  • Reviewing the accessibility of salient psychosocial and other healthcare support.
  • Informing guardians about pertinent nearby services for their families.
  • Bolstering clients' adaptive social support frameworks.
  • Advocating for timely rehoming in dire cases.
  • Supporting the youth throughout legal undertakings.
  • Exuding a sense of unfaltering calm, particularly during tumultuous circumstances.

Youth Specialist Requirements:

  • Receipt of a suitable job-related qualification.
  • Demonstrable experience as an impactful Youth Specialist.
  • Clear criminal record.
  • Driver's license.
  • Familiar with youth-centered legislation.
  • Impeccable investigative, interpersonal, and coordination techniques.
  • Ability to foster adaptive social ties.
  • Governed by laudable moral underpinnings.
  • Steered by a robust social justice imperative.

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