Wholesale Assistant Job Description

Wholesale Assistant Job Description

October 16th, 2019

Wholesale Assistants endeavor to generate revenue by driving bulk sales. To this end, Wholesale Assistants select and distribute product samples, procure purchase orders, and analyze bulk purchases to inform product restocks.

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Wholesale Assistant Job Description Template

We are on the hunt for a systematic Wholesale Assistant to bolster the functions of our Account Executives. The Wholesale Assistant should assist with pertinent sample selections, propose alternatives to discontinued stock, and inspect sales data. In every instance, you ought to boost customers' wholesale purchases.

To ensure success as a Warehouse Assistant, you should possess refined data analysis and strategic techniques. Ultimately, a brilliant Warehouse Assistant will exhibit proactivity, especially where the procurement of purchase orders is involved.

Wholesale Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Pulling suitable samples for key accounts.
  • Co-configuring visually appealing showrooms.
  • Procuring customers' purchase orders ahead of our deadlines.
  • Suggesting adjacent alternatives when merchandise is unavailable.
  • Inspecting periodic sales figures to highlight prominent patterns.
  • Harnessing analytical insights to inform merchandise requirements and to stimulate customers' wholesale purchases.
  • Preparing shipment-related paperwork.
  • Alerting Account Executives to noteworthy issues that necessitate their expertise.

Wholesale Assistant Requirements:

  • Receipt of a Marketing-intensive qualification, ideally at the degree level.
  • Demonstrable experience as a Wholesale Assistant.
  • Computer literate.
  • Well-honed data analysis techniques.
  • Top-notch reporting abilities.
  • Laudable communication and sales capacities.
  • A strategic, adaptable, and supportive disposition.

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