VP of Operations Interview Questions

VP Of Operations Interview Questions

September 12th, 2019

Vice Presidents (VPs) of Operations supervise company procedures to maintain safety, productivity, and alignment with the institute's strategic vision. VPs of Operations also set and promote the observance of relevant budgets.

When interviewing VPs of Operations, candidates should be able to lead executive staff with authority and confidence. Avoid those who cannot secure the buy-in of individuals under their supervision.

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Interview Questions for VP of Operations:

1. What distinguishes your approach to work from that of other VPs of Operations?

Assesses the refinement and uniqueness of pertinent technical skills.

2. What would you do to ensure that others were on board with your vision?

Tests acknowledgement of staff's role in the brainstorming process plus communication skills.

3. How would you interact with someone who felt challenged by your authority?

Examines the capacity to skillfully navigate tense and delicate interactions.

4. Where could you reduce costs without impeding performance?

Illustrates the ability to allocate finances in a thoughtful and realistic manner.

5. Which team members would be valuable assets when attempting to secure work in new sectors?

Highlights perceptions about key working relationships and how to leverage these to achieve success.

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