Volunteer Mentor Interview Questions

Volunteer Mentor Interview Questions

October 25th, 2019

Volunteer Mentors perform gratuitous functions, including the provision of sound psychological and material support, which are generally directed toward young or at-risk groups.

When interviewing Volunteer Mentors, brilliant candidates will be sincerely empathic and unwaveringly helpful. Avoid unresponsive applicants who lack sound referral methods.

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Interview Questions for Volunteer Mentors:

1. How would you structure goal-setting activities?

Discerns the potential to steer goal actualization.

2. How would you detect your Mentees' psychosocial challenges?

Evaluates perceptiveness plus interpersonal abilities.

3. Which nearby activities would you urge your Mentees to partake in?

Illustrates familiarity with enriching resources.

4. How would you combat your Mentee's engagement in illicit activities?

Examines mentorship techniques.

5. Where would you seek supervision while working on difficult tasks?

Reveals knowledge about pertinent help-seeking avenues.

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