Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions

Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions

July 23rd, 2020

Unarmed Security Guards ensure that premises are secure and that personnel is safe. They monitor security equipment, perform premise and perimeter patrols, and act on suspicious activities. They also control access at entrances and gates.

When interviewing Unarmed Security Guards, look for candidates with experience in a similar role and the ability to deter illegal activities. Be wary of candidates with limited knowledge of security systems and those who lack knowledge of security industry regulations.

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Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions:

1. Which questions would you typically ask to screen casual visitors?

Assesses the candidate's experience and their ability to perform access control.

2. Tell me about your steps to check if the security systems work properly?

Reveals the candidate's experience in monitoring alarm systems and surveillance equipment, as well as their ability to ensure its continued efficiency.

3. Can you describe how you would react if you saw a break-in attempt in progress?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to perform under pressure and their knowledge of appropriate preventative steps.

4. Can you explain how you go about maintaining a visible security presence?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of preventative measures that would deter illegal activities.

5. Can you tell me what kind of information you would keep records of?

Evaluates the candidate's knowledge and experience in documenting their observations, as well as pertinent security information, occurrences, and surveillance activities.

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