Telecommunications Manager Interview Questions

Telecommunications Manager Interview Questions

October 23rd, 2019

Telecommunications Managers install routers, servers, modems, and software.

When interviewing Telecommunications Managers, the ideal candidate should be proficient in networking equipment and software. Avoid candidates who lack problem-solving and analytical abilities.

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Interview Questions for Telecommunications Managers:

1. How would you determine the functionality of existing systems of hardware and software?

Demonstrates the ability to test functionality in equipment and software.

2. What method would you use to review system performance?

Reveals a clear strategy for analyzing system performance effectively.

3. How would you maintain an inventory of equipment?

Indicates organizational skills and an effective solution to keeping record of equipment.

4. Share a disaster recovery plan you have created. How did it impact business continuity?

Exhibits an effective recovery plan that ensures continuity.

5. How would you determine if a modified telecommunication system is needed?

Reveals industry experience and knowledge of performance indicators.

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