Technical Sourcer Job Description

Technical Sourcer Job Description

October 28th, 2019

Technical Sourcers, also known as Talent Sourcers, are responsible for sourcing and hiring candidates for highly technical and specialized positions. They form part of the HR team and work to create candidate funnels for positions that are hard to fill.

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Technical Sourcer Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a skilled Technical Sourcer to assist with the sourcing and hiring of candidates for specialized technical positions. In this role, you will source and interact with potential candidates online, develop talent pipelines, conduct initial candidate screenings, and set up interviews. You may also be required to manage the candidate database and record hiring conversion rates.

To ensure success as a Technical Sourcer, you should have detailed knowledge of modern sourcing techniques, excellent communication skills, and good interviewing skills. A skilled Technical Sourcer will be able to source the perfect candidate for positions that are often hard to fill.

Technical Sourcer Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating with Hiring Managers to determine position requirements.
  • Crafting and sending recruitment emails.
  • Interacting with potential candidates on professional networks and social media.
  • Contacting industry partners for candidate referrals.
  • Identifying and screening potential candidates.
  • Organizing and conducting online interviews.
  • Creating talent pipelines for current and future hires.
  • Managing the company’s candidate database.
  • Setting up candidate interviews with Hiring Managers.
  • Measuring and recording conversion rates.

Technical Sourcer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or similar field.
  • Previous experience as a Technical Sourcer or Recruitment Agent.
  • Experience with online and offline recruiting techniques.
  • Familiarity with social media marketing and digital networking.
  • Proficient in relevant office software and database systems.
  • Ability to conduct online and offline interviews.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Good negotiation skills.

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