Sports Marketing Manager Interview Questions

Sports Marketing Manager Interview Questions

June 11th, 2019

Sports Marketing Managers are responsible for securing sponsors for sports events, players and teams. The Sports Marketing Manager also looks for brands that players or teams can serve as the ambassadors of.

When interviewing Sports Marketing Managers, the ideal candidate should have excellent networking skills. Be wary of candidates with little experience in the sports industry specifically.

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Interview Questions for Sports Marketing Managers:

1. As a sports marketing manager, you work with multiple teams. How do you ensure all tasks are completed on time?

Reveals the candidate's management and interpersonal skills.

2. How would you define our target audience?

Reveals the candidate's interest in the industry.

3. Which recent campaigns do you believe were very successful? What made them successful?

Reveals the candidate's interest in the industry and their knowledge of success factors.

4. What process do you follow when developing campaigns?

This tests the candidate’s organizational ability.

This reveals a candidate's industry knowledge.

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