Sourcing Specialist Interview Questions

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July 1st, 2019

Sourcing Specialists help companies improve their sourcing processes in order to minimize spending costs and increase profitability. They negotiate with suppliers to obtain goods, materials, and services at competitive prices.

When interviewing Sourcing Specialists, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate an outgoing personality, drive, and in-depth knowledge of sourcing methodologies. Be wary of candidates who are unenthusiastic and have poor negotiation and organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Sourcing Specialists:

1. How would you go about finding the best suppliers?

Determines the candidate’s level of experience and knowledge of sourcing methodologies.

2. What would you do to ensure that the correct goods/materials are received in a timely manner?

Demonstrates the candidate’s planning skills.

3. How would you prioritize your work when dealing with time constraints?

Demonstrates the candidate’s organizational skills.

4. How would you deal with conflict with a long-standing supplier?

Demonstrates the candidate’s conflict resolution skills.

5. What is the best deal you have secured in the past?

Demonstrates the candidate’s negotiation skills.

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