Social Media Executive Interview Questions

Social Media Executive Interview Questions

August 30th, 2019

Social Media Executives oversee posting and monitor engagement across an array of social media platforms. Social Media Executives may use insights derived from customer reviews to modify their companies' offerings.

When interviewing Social Media Executives, preferred candidates should display the ability to coordinate posts in a manner that boosts uptake. Avoid candidates who seem lackluster and out of touch with the target audience.

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Interview Questions for Social Media Executives:

1. Which marketing techniques are most effective at prompting customers to act?

Reveals knowledge about sound marketing strategies.

2. How frequently would you post on the company's Facebook account?

Highlights thoughts about reader engagement.

3. When would you interact with customers in other parts of the globe?

Reveals expertise and the willingness to work beyond ordinary hours, if required.

4. Where would you store the login details for each account?

Examines the ability to store data where it will be safe and accessible.

5. What would you do if a subordinate often called in sick?

Assesses rational thinking and interpersonal skills.

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