SharePoint Developer Interview Questions

SharePoint Developer Interview Questions

September 17th, 2019

SharePoint Developers create customized websites and applications that integrate with the Microsoft SharePoint document management system. SharePoint Developers also design and code standalone SharePoint application interfaces, as well as those that integrate with company servers.

When interviewing SharePoint Developers, the ideal candidate will be MOSS and WSS certified, be proficient in front-end programming languages, and show in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products. Be wary of candidates with limited front-end experience and those who are unable to work independently on a project.

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Interview Questions for SharePoint Developers:

1. Can you explain why SharePoint is described as a collaborative platform?

Reveals the candidate’s understanding of SharePoint and its functions.

2. How would you go about transforming the ideas of the design team into scalable SharePoint interfaces?

Demonstrates the candidate’s thinking process and development skills.

3. Why should a company use SharePoint instead of other frameworks?

Demonstrates the candidate’s understanding of SharePoint features.

4. How do you ensure company websites and applications are built on time and according to specifications?

Demonstrates the candidate’s project management skills.

5. What SharePoint websites and interfaces have you developed in the past? Describe the ones you are most proud of.

Reveals previous work experience and highlights the candidate’s skills.

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