Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

August 7th, 2019

The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for assessing current systems and suggesting improvements to increase productivity and ease of use. The Senior Software Engineer suggests these changes to management through detailed presentations and once approved, installs the new systems or software.

When interviewing Senior Software Engineers the ideal candidate should have extensive experience with software engineering. Be wary of candidates who fail to display excellent observational and analytical skills.

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Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers:

1. What are some pertinent questions you would ask a user to figure out their requirements?

Tests the candidate's communication skills.

2. Has a user ever been unhappy with something you developed? How did you resolve it?

Tests the candidate's interpersonal skills, and ability to resolve conflicts and issues.

3. What factors would you look at when deciding between creating a web application or a locally installed application?

Tests the candidate's ability to make high-level decisions that meet the user's needs.

4. How do you tell if a program is successful? Explain.

Reveals what the candidate values, as well as job knowledge and experience.

5. Which programming languages do you know? Describe some of your projects.

Tests technical skills.

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