Senior Network Engineer Interview Questions

Senior Network Engineer Interview Questions

August 17th, 2020

Senior Network Engineers develop and maintain a company’s enterprise network. They are responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of the network, managing junior networking staff, and responding to advanced networking issues.

When interviewing Senior Network Engineers, suitable candidates should have advanced managerial skills, in-depth knowledge of networking protocols, and high-level problem-solving skills. Be wary of candidates with limited mentoring and project management experience.

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Interview Questions for Senior Network Engineers:

1. How would you go about scaling a network to accommodate a company’s changing needs?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of network limitations and expansion techniques.

2. What safeguards should be put in place in a network to limit data loss?

Shows an understanding of network design.

3. How do you stay up to date with innovations in the industry?

Indicates the candidate’s passion for the industry and willingness to stay relevant in the field.

4. How would you deal with a junior staff member that fails to implement proper networking protocols?

Demonstrates the candidate’s managerial skills.

5. Can you explain previous networking topography you designed and managed?

Reveals the candidate’s skills and previous work experience.

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