Screen Printer Interview Questions

Screen Printer Interview Questions

August 26th, 2019

Screen Printers are skilled professionals who run the Screen Printing (serigraphy) process for printing companies. They are tasked with creating the screen design, loading the machine and printing completed articles according to customer specifications.

When interviewing Screen Printers, the most suitable candidate will display a high level of artistic skill, be able to manually operate large machinery, and stand for long periods of time. Be wary of candidates who cannot work long shifts by themselves, those who cannot identify subtle color differences and anyone who cannot work late when a large order needs to be completed.

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Interview Questions for Screen Printers:

1. What skills do you think a person needs to be a successful Screen Printer?

Displays the candidate’s artistic and mechanical skills.

2. What was the most difficult Screen Printing job you had to do?

Reveals the highest level of work experience the candidate has achieved.

3. How do you plan out orders and workloads?

Shows how the candidate structures their time and work orders.

4. Why did you decide to pursue a career in Screen Printing?

Indicates a passion for Screen Printing artistry.

5. How do you recover delays in work orders?

Shows how the candidate handles large workloads and meets customer demands.

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