Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Interview Questions

Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee Interview Questions

September 26th, 2019

Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainees investigate insurance claims to determine the size of insurance payouts. Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainees perform these duties under the supervision of Claims Experts.

When interviewing Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainees, suitable candidates should convey a desire to pursue long-term work in insurance. Be wary of candidates with diminished quantitative literacy.

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Interview Questions for Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainees:

1. Who would you consult with after combing through an insurance claim?

Reviews investigative abilities and ideas about procedural norms.

2. What would you do if you detected inconsistencies in a witness's account?

Evaluates follow-up skills and meticulousness.

3. Which factors are indicative of insurance fraud?

Assesses knowledge about glaring and latent warning signs.

4. How would you combat the misappropriation of insurance benefits?

Tests insight, forethought, and troubleshooting skills.

5. Where would your work as a Progressive Claims Adjuster Trainee lead to?

Reveals career-related goals, including the likelihood of remaining within the insurance industry.

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