Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Claims Adjusters inspect damages to property or persons to determine the extent of liability on behalf of an insurance company. This involves appraising damages and assigning a monetary value to them, interviewing claimants, witnesses, policemen and subject experts and compiling a detailed report.

When interviewing Claims Adjusters, suitable candidates will combine good interpersonal skills with a keen sense of investigation. Candidates who are proficient in only one of these qualities or have poor quantitative skills are ill-suited to the position.

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Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

1. How would you deal with a hostile client who is unhappy with your assessment?

Claims Adjusters need to have great interpersonal skills. That includes the ability to remain calm when dealing with confrontational clients and maintain a sense of professionalism.

2. What is your approach to managing stress?

The position comes with a fair amount of stress, since Claims Adjusters are the ones determining fines, essentially. Knowing that a candidate is capable of functioning under tremendous stress speaks to his/her resoluteness.

3. A claimant requires an assessment of his house that was damaged in a fire. List as many information sources you would turn to to produce your report. How many can you list?

Good candidates should be able to provide an extensive list of information sources. Look for candidates who find creative ways of obtaining information.

4. Describe a situation where you missed critical information in your appraisal. How did you rectify it?

This question is designed to test the diligence of a candidate. Good candidates will respond to mistakes by rectifying them upon later appraisals.

5. Describe creative approaches to inspecting a complicated case. What did you do?

Oftentimes, buildings or houses are difficult to inspect due to geographic obstacles or issues of accessibility. That shouldn't be a roadblock for Claims Adjusters. Look out for creative approaches to difficult inspections, such as flying a drone over a roof to get 'hard-to-reach' footage.

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