Pre-K Teacher Job Description

Pre-K Teacher Job Description

May 17th, 2019

Pre-K Teachers instruct and care for young children, typically aged four to five years old, in order to prepare them for the start of their formal education in kindergarten.

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Pre-K Teacher Job Description Template

We are seeking an enthusiastic Pre-K Teacher to guide a classroom of young children in a variety of educational activities, including arts and crafts, free play, storytelling, and class outings. Your prime responsibility is to teach them the fundamental concepts they need to know for kindergarten, such as identifying numbers and letters, socializing well with others, and working effectively in a classroom structure.

Patience, compassion, and energy are all vital qualities of a successful Pre-K Teacher. You should be capable of inspiring, encouraging, and developing young children, each of whom will have different abilities, challenges, and personalities. The top candidates will also have a creative mindset and good administrative skills, in order to plan and execute lessons which are memorable, innovative, and achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Pre-K Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Teaching children about core concepts, such as numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.
  • Using creative, hands-on methods of learning, such as artistic expression, free play, and storytelling.
  • Planning a curriculum that addresses early childhood education requirements.
  • Encouraging and monitoring social interactions between children.
  • Instilling a sense of respect and discipline, so that children work effectively in a classroom setting.
  • Supervising children outside of class time, such as during lunch, out on the playground, or on field trips.
  • Making sure that the classroom is clean, safe, and well-organized.
  • Setting up the materials and workspaces required for class activities.
  • Communicating with parents to learn more about each child's life outside the classroom.
  • Creating reports to inform parents about their children's progress at school.

Pre-K Teacher Requirements:

  • Degree in Education, with a focus on early childhood learning.
  • Past experience teaching children in the pre-kindergarten age group.
  • Ability to educate with age-appropriate language and teaching methods.
  • Patience, optimism, compassion, enthusiasm, and empathy.
  • Mediation skills for resolving conflicts between children.
  • Creative mindset to plan innovative, exciting lessons.
  • Familiarity using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Ability to stand as a positive role model for impressionable minds.

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