Portfolio Manager Interview Questions

Portfolio Manager Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

Also known as Investment Managers, Wealth Managers, or Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers have extensive knowledge of various types of investments, portfolio construction, and portfolio risk management.

When interviewing Portfolio Managers, the best candidate for the position will evidence an ability to interpret market-related data effectively and they will have an affinity for research and analysis. Avoid candidates who are not client focused and are unable to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

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Interview Questions for Portfolio Managers:

1. What factors influence your investment decisions for clients?

Shows an in-depth understanding of financial markets, economics, and portfolio theory.

2. Which online tools or financial management software are you familiar with?

Tests ability to use financial management platforms.

3. Describe your investing strategy. Which external factors influence your strategy?

Illustrates an understanding of market conditions and developments within the industry that may impact investment strategy.

4. You notice that one of your client investment portfolios isn’t performing as you expected. How do you inform your client of the current situation and what recommendations do you make?

Shows the ability to communicate with clients regarding their accounts and investment performance.

5. How do you identify investment risks? How will these risks affect your investing strategy?

Indicates an ability to identify investment risks and the skill to position portfolios accordingly.

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