Physics Teacher Interview Questions

Physics Teacher Interview Questions

October 1st, 2019

Physics Teachers help students learn about energy, optics, force, matter, material, and all the laws that govern them. They work in high schools or secondary environments, with a wide range of learners. Physics Teachers are able to translate their passion into enjoyable, stimulating lessons.

When interviewing Physics Teachers, the best candidates will demonstrate great mathematical aptitude, patience, and strong critical thinking skills. Be wary of those who have become complacent, and lack initiative and tolerance.

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Interview Questions for Physics Teachers:

1. Which aspects of Physics do students find most fascinating?

Demonstrates knowledge of student interests, and also the ability to structure engaging lessons.

2. A student burns their eyes during an experiment. How do you proceed?

Tests knowledge of health and safety procedures, as well as the ability to cope under pressure.

3. What are some of your most successful strategies for engaging learners?

Reveals more about teaching methods, techniques, and also demonstrates how stimulating lessons are.

Tests in-depth knowledge of physics and the ability to apply learned laws to the real world.

5. How would you offer extra support to a) a weak learner, and b) a strong learner?

Demonstrates the ability to deal with poorly performing students as well as exceptional learners.

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