Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Interview Questions

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Interview Questions 420X320 20190902

September 5th, 2019

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives market medical drugs to facilitate their sale. Since medicine is an ever-changing field, Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives undergo ongoing training.

When interviewing Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, outstanding candidates will be avid readers with superb memorization skills. Avoid dishonest candidates who would sacrifice well-being in pursuit of profitability.

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Interview Questions for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives:

1. How would you retain our existing clients?

Illustrates customer service skills, including attentiveness.

2. How would you source major clients?

Highlights desktop research, advertising, and networking abilities.

3. How would you market a drug that you were dubious about?

Tests integrity and the ability to voice concerns to appropriate stakeholders.

4. Can you describe your approach to executing competitor analysis?

Assesses the ability to conduct in-depth market research.

5. Which of the latest medical innovations are you most impressed by?

Exhibits updated knowledge about pertinent advances.

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