Personal Assistant Interview Questions

Personal Assistant Interview Questions

May 6th, 2020

Personal Assistants assist senior managers with daily administrative tasks. They take notes, create documents and filing systems, and schedule appointments. Their duties also include making travel arrangements and booking accommodation.

To ensure success as a Personal Assistant, top-notch candidates will possess secretarial experience and the ability to perform multiple administrative tasks. Avoid candidates who lack professional etiquette and those with limited communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Personal Assistants:

1. Can you tell me how you usually answer incoming external calls?

Assesses communication skills and professionalism.

2. A caller insists to speak with a manager in a meeting. How do you respond?

Tests the candidate's interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

3. You are required to arrange a business trip. Which information do you need?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge and experience, as well as their organizational skills.

4. Can you explain your steps in scheduling management meetings?

Highlights the candidate's experience in performing routine PA duties and indicates whether they follow appropriate procedures.

5. Can you explain a few tips you regularly use to ensure error-free typing?

Reveals the candidate's experience in proofreading their work and demonstrates whether they pay sufficient attention to detail.

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