Onboarding Specialist Interview Questions

Onboarding Specialist Interview Questions

July 22nd, 2020

Onboarding Specialists plan and coordinate the onboarding process for all new hires at an organization. They typically work in the HR department and may also be known as HR Onboarding Specialists.

When interviewing Onboarding Specialists, look for candidates with HR experience and a basic understanding of labor legislation. Be wary of candidates who lack strong communication skills and those who demonstrate unease when interacting with new people.

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Interview Questions for Onboarding Specialists:

1. When enrolling new hires in the employee database, what details should you get?

Demonstrates the candidate's understanding of HR practices and employee recordkeeping.

2. What method would you use to onboard a remote worker?

Illustrates the candidate's industry knowledge and their critical thinking skills.

3. What would you recommend including in a welcome package to new hires?

Showcases the candidate's understanding of people as well as their ability to help others feel comfortable.

4. What have you learned from your own experience as a new hire?

Demonstrates the candidate's critical thinking skills and their ability to apply their own experiences to improve their job performance.

5. How would your methods for onboarding a manager differ from a regular employee?

Indicates the candidate's understanding of HR practices and their problem-solving and analytical skills.

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