Oceanographer Job Description

Oceanographer Job Description

February 24th, 2020

Oceanographers apply science and mathematics to study the physical and biological aspects of the oceans to understand how they work, predict changes that may happen, and work out the most sustainable ways to use their resources.

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Oceanographer Job Description Template

We are looking for determined, experienced oceanographers who are open to diverse scientific ideas, have excellent communication, computer and observational skills, and who can work alone and in teams. Oceanographers can expect to work out at sea and in laboratories, travel abroad, solve practical problems under extreme timelines, and operate diving equipment and submersible vehicles. Their responsibilities include collecting and analyzing samples, using computers to perform simulations, investigating hypotheses and making predictions, and writing reports on research findings.

Successful oceanographers should have a broad knowledge of a variety of oceanographic fields, and experience with specialized equipment and techniques. Ideal candidates will display a flexible approach to work hours, outstanding analytical skills, and some experience with computational and mathematical modeling.

Oceanographer Responsibilities:

  • Collecting and analyzing data from the ocean, ocean floor and atmosphere.
  • Examining life forms and matter in seawater.
  • Investigating hypotheses using statistical models.
  • Attending conferences.
  • Going on research expeditions.
  • Submitting research proposals to obtain grants.
  • Writing reports and research papers.

Oceanography Requirements:

  • Masters degree in physics, chemistry, math or biology.
  • PhD in related fields preferable.
  • Experience in marine science or oceanography research.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Time spent in marine environments.

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