Nutritionist Interview Questions

Visual Designer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Nutritionists are health experts in the nutrition and food industry. They promote healthy eating habits by evaluating a client’s health, developing meal plans, and offering guidance. Also known as Dietitians, these specialists may work in hospitals, nursing homes or other medical facilities.

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Nutritionist Interview Questions:

1. You have a 20-year-old patient that was recently diagnosed with TB. How would you create their meal plan?

Reveals the candidate’s education history.

2. Which dietary recommendations are important for diabetic patients?

Tests the candidate’s experience working with various patients.

3. How would you handle an unmotivated client?

Highlights the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

4. You have to present a seminar to young students about healthy habits. What information would you add to the presentation and why?

Tests the candidate’s communication and presentation skills.

5. Why is a food diary important?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge of research methods.

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