Nurse Educator Interview Questions

Nurse Educator Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Nurse Educators, or Clinical Nurse Educators, are responsible for the teaching and guiding of current and future nursing students. Nurse Educators design, implement, and evaluate educational curricula as well as work as trainers in a clinical setting.

Suitable Nurse Educators will demonstrate an outgoing personality, with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Successful candidates will demonstrate creativity and authority in designing and implementing new curricula. Unsuitable candidates will lack the clinical background necessary to mentor nursing students.

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Interview Questions for Nurse Educators

1. Can you describe a time when you implemented a new program of study?

Look for candidates who demonstrate creative thinking skills as well as current knowledge of clinical nursing practices and procedures. Take note of candidates who answer in a negative way and, further, cannot offer an example of a new program of study.

2. How would you deal with a difficult student who is underperforming?

Demonstrates candidates' interpersonal skills and their ability to be authoritative.

3. Can you explain how you would set up a patient care plan?

Look for candidates who ask questions to determine the needs of the patient, and demonstrate up-to-date clinical nursing skills. Take note of candidates who show a lack of creativity and flexibility.

4. Have you experienced a time when you were unable to train clinical nursing staff in the use of a new piece of equipment?

Look for candidates who can acknowledge short-comings and demonstrate a willingness to keep current with new technologies.

5. How would you handle a disruptive student in a classroom setting?

Demonstrates the candidates' ability to be authoritative and assertive. Take note of candidates who seem unsure of their abilities.

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