Mystery Shopper Job Description

Mystery Shopper Job Description

July 23rd, 2019

Mystery Shoppers pose as regular customers in order to gauge and report on the quality of products, customer service, and environment of the stores to which they are assigned. Mystery Shoppers are sometimes referred to as Secret Shoppers.

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Mystery Shopper Job Description Template

We are looking for an attentive Mystery Shopper to join our team. Mystery Shoppers are responsible for determining the quality of products, customer service, and store environments while posing as ordinary customers. You will also be required to submit reports on your findings in a timely manner.

To be successful as a Mystery Shopper, you should be able to masquerade as a regular customer while remaining detail-oriented. Ultimately, top-notch Mystery Shoppers will possess excellent communication and memorization skills, and the ability to remain impartial at all times.

Mystery Shopper Responsibilities:

  • Traveling to assigned store locations.
  • Remaining discreet while you pose as a regular customer.
  • Interacting with employees over the phone and in person to gauge customer service.
  • Inspecting the store's environment to detect possible concerns and areas for improvement.
  • Purchasing random and specific items to assess product quality.
  • Retaining receipts as proof of purchase for later reimbursement.
  • Completing and submitting a written report detailing the shopping experience after each store visit.
  • Disclosing competing interests, including prior loyalty to or dislike of particular stores or products.
  • Logging hours worked.
  • Storing copies of completed assignments.

Mystery Shopper Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Own, reliable transport.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Outstanding memorization abilities.
  • Organized, flexible disposition.
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Ability to conduct duties discreetly and impartially.

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