Mystery Shopper Interview Questions

Mystery Shopper Interview Questions

July 23rd, 2019

Also known as Secret Shoppers, Mystery Shoppers assess product quality, customer service, and store environments while posing as regular customers.

When interviewing Secret Shoppers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication, attention to detail, and excellent memorization. Be wary of candidates who are partial and unable to work discreetly.

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Interview Questions for Mystery Shoppers:

1. What would you do to remain discreet while posing as a customer?

Tests technical skills.

2. How would you remain impartial if asked to review your favorite store?

Assesses objectivity and fairness.

3. Can you list some small but significant details to look out for when shopping?

Shows attention to detail.

4. How would you ensure that you memorized and reported on all relevant data?

Reveals memorization and technical skills.

5. How would you communicate your findings?

Highlights communication and technical skills.

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