MRI Technician Job Description

MRI Technician Job Description

May 29th, 2019

An MRI Technician operates MRI scanners to take images of patients' bodies for diagnostic testing. The MRI Technician, also known as an MRI Technologist, is responsible for providing Physicians with clear images so they can provide accurate diagnoses to patients.

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MRI Technician Job Description Template

We are looking for a skilled and dedicated MRI Technician to be responsible for providing clear images to Physicians through MRI scanning. The MRI Technician's responsibilities include following Physicians' instructions, explaining the MRI procedure to patients, selecting software options and imaging parameters on the MRI machine, viewing images from the imaging session, and keeping records of reports.

To be a successful MRI Technician, you should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and be sensitive to the needs of the patients. You should show attention to detail, and be able to work in a team.

MRI Technician Responsibilities:

  • Explaining the MRI process to patients and ensuring the patients comply with all safety standards.
  • Positioning, and possibly sedating, patients to capture clear images of the correct area of the body.
  • Removing and then replacing IVs and catheters for the MRI process.
  • Maneuvering the MRI equipment and positioning it to capture the correct images.
  • Monitoring patients during scanning and maintaining patients' records.
  • Monitoring MRI equipment functions.
  • Ensuring clear images for Physicians to provide accurate diagnoses.
  • Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images.

MRI Technician Requirements:

  • An Associate's degree in MRI or Radiology Technology.
  • Experience with MRI equipment and patient care would be advantageous.
  • A license and certification to work as an MRI Technician.
  • Attention to detail, mathematical skills, and technical skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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