Metal Stud Framer Job Description

Metal Stud Framer Job Description

May 11th, 2020

Metal Stud Framers are construction workers who specialize in assembling wall systems. They prepare metal studs for designated purposes, secure wall frames, and drywall the framed sections. Metal Stud Framers are usually employed by construction companies or may work as independent contractors.

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Metal Stud Framer Job Description Template

We are looking for a highly skilled Metal Stud Framer to join our construction team. As a Metal Stud Framer, you will be responsible for preparing equipment, selecting suitable metal studs for securing frames and tracks, and covering secured frames with drywall boards. You may also be required to oversee general construction laborers.

To ensure success as a Metal Stud Framer, you should possess extensive experience in metal stud framing and contribute expertise to our team. Outstanding Metal Stud Framers take pride in the quality of their work and are able to supervise other construction team workers.

Metal Stud Framer Responsibilities:

  • Studying construction specifications to determine installation requirements and procedures.
  • Preparing equipment and tools, including scaffolding, ladders, tape measures, straightedges, hand tools, and power tools.
  • Chalklining references lines and points to level metal frames and furring channels.
  • Measuring and cutting metal runners, studs, and furring channels to required sizes.
  • Installing horizontal and vertical metal studs to frames to attach wallboards.
  • Measuring, cutting, fitting, and fastening drywall boards onto the frames.
  • Cutting tidy openings into boards for electrical outlets, vents, and fixtures.
  • Installing metal framing and decorative trim for windows, doorways, and vents.
  • Supervising general construction workers, when required.
  • Ensuring compliance with construction industry specifications and safety standards.

Metal Stud Framer Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Apprenticeship or equivalent training in the construction industry.
  • 2-5 years of experience in metal stud framing.
  • Experience in working with specialized tools such as hammer drills, pneumatic nailing guns, and cutting torches.
  • Exceptional ability in planning installations and taking accurate measurements.
  • In-depth knowledge of fasteners, such as studs, nails, screws, anchors, and connectors.
  • Extensive experience in installing drywall panels.
  • Keen attention to detail and experience in overseeing general construction workers.
  • Physically fit and able to move and lift construction materials and assemble equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge of construction industry safety specifications and regulations.

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