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Math Teacher Resume - Free Template Download:

Download this math teacher resume template in Microsoft Word format.

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Math Teacher Resume Example:

Your Full Name

Math Teacher

[Teaching License]

[Street Address] [City] [Zip Code]


[Briefly write about your background, industry experience, skills, and accomplishments.]


[List your skills.]


School Name / Job Title

Month 20XX - Present, Location

[List key responsibilities and achievements.]

School Name / Job Title

Month 20XX - Month 20XX, Location

[List key responsibilities and achievements.]

School Name / Job Title

Month 20XX - Month 20XX, Location

[List key responsibilities and achievements.]


School Name / Degree

Month 20XX - Month 20XX, Location

School Name / Degree

Month 20XX - Month 20XX, Location


[List certifications.]

How to Write a Math Teacher Resume:

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How to Write a Math Teacher Resume:

Our complete guide with informative steps on how to create a professional math teacher resume.


Create a math teacher resume.


Write a summary.

Write a summary.

Your professional summary should give your prospective employer a concise but holistic view of what you have to offer. This should be a brief summary of your education, experience, and expertise that demonstrates your suitability for the teaching post.

Emphasize your passion for teaching math and expert subject knowledge. Provide examples of your competencies, such as the ability to motivate and inspire students or create a stimulating learning environment, and highlight a notable achievement, such as improving test results by a certain percentage.


List your skills.

List your skills.

The skills section of your resume comes right after your professional summary. Use this section to showcase your abilities as a math teacher. Math teachers should be able to develop creative lesson plans, create a conducive learning environment, and have excellent subject matter knowledge.

Other key skills to list include excellent communication and organizational skills, time management, behavioral management, and experience using SMART board and online learning tools.


Add your teaching experience.

Add your teaching experience.

List your professional experience in reverse chronological order and include the name of the institution at which you taught, your job title, and the dates of employment. Following this, provide a brief description of your key functions along with any achievements that illustrate how you made a notable difference.

Specify which age groups you taught and the number of students along with notable testing results. Detail your teaching methods, what you did to help struggling students, and how you promoted parental involvement.


Add your education.

Add your education.

List your educational qualifications beginning with the highest degree you've earned. Include the name of the university/college/school you attended along with the dates of attendance. If you are currently still enrolled as a student, simply add "in progress" along with the anticipated date of completion.

Math teachers should have an accredited bachelor's degree, completed a teacher training program, and have a valid state teaching license. Having a master's degree in mathematics education or a related field is advantageous.


Add your certifications.

Add your certifications.

List your state teaching license along with any professional development courses, preferably mathematics education programs, and learning software certifications.

Math Teacher Job Description

Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a math teacher job description


What skills do you need to be a math teacher?

  • Behavioral management.
  • Patience and understanding.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Communication.
  • Time-management.

What is the job description of a math teacher?

See our math teacher job description to find out about what a math teacher does along with typical responsibilities and eligibility requirements.

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