Marketing Analyst Interview Questions

Marketing Analyst Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Marketing analysts collect and interpret vast ranges of written and numerical information to help businesses make informed decisions about new products and services, and potential markets.

When interviewing marketing analysts, the most suitable candidate will have excellent math and language skills, and a proven aptitude for interpreting data. Candidates without at least two years' marketing experience will not suit the position.

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Interview Questions for Marketing Analysts

1. How would you use statistics in this position?

Tests knowledge and experience.

2. What do you do to check your own work?

Tests attention to detail and thoroughness.

3. What marketing campaign has not hit its mark, in your opinion? How would you improve it?

Shows insight and expertise.

4. What methods of collecting consumer behavior data work well?

Shows experience and research skill.

5. Where would you start when analyzing our competitors?

Tests insight and know-how.

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