Loss Prevention Officer Interview Questions

Loss Prevention Officer Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2019

Loss Prevention Officers observe the behavior of clients and employees to detect and stop theft in stores. Many Loss Prevention Officers are tasked with operating discreetly.

When interviewing Loss Prevention Officers, preferred candidates should be able to operate security feeds during routine surveillance. Be wary of candidates who are unobservant, and who lack the ability to confront suspects.

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Interview Questions for Loss Prevention Officers:

1. Which areas of a store are prone to security breaches?

Examines pertinent knowledge.

2. What distinguishes an anxious customer from a suspicious one?

Highlights knowledge about human behavior.

3. How would you react if a suspicious customer accused you of racial profiling?

Shows sensitivity to racial dynamics and the ability to calm stressful encounters.

4. How would you address a case of theft within the team?

Tests the ability to set aside personal feelings in order to perform one's duties.

5. When would it be appropriate to call the authorities?

Assesses an understanding of one's functions and limitations.

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