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Interview Questions for Lifeguards:

1. How do you maintain your fitness level?

To be effective, a lifeguard needs to remain physically fit. The applicant needs to display this ability.

2. Could you give me examples from past experience where you dealt effectively with someone who flouted your safety warnings?

The candidate's answer will give an indication of their people skills, and their ability to enforce rules.

3. Can you give me detailed information regarding your qualifications and experience as a lifeguard?

You need to have confidence in a lifeguard to protect the lives of your patrons. Listen for the applicant to convince you of their competence and abilities.

4. Are you proficient with completing reports and forms, and why would you say so?

The potential hire needs to display the ability to comply with the legal requirements of the position, besides being able to maintain the safety of patrons.

5. Would you say you are observant, and why?

A Lifeguard needs to be observant to notice swimmers in distress in a vast, busy environment. The prospective hire's answer will convince you of this ability.

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