Lead Toddler Teacher Interview Questions

Lead Toddler Teacher Interview Questions

July 22nd, 2019

Lead Toddler Teachers plan and implement curricula that cater to the needs of young children who have yet to enter kindergarten. Lead Toddler Teachers also supervise and mentor other teaching staff to ensure that toddlers' basic and educational needs are met.

When interviewing Lead Toddler Teachers, the most suitable candidate will be highly organized, compassionate, and deeply interested in early childhood development. Be wary of candidates who are impatient and unapproachable.

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Interview Questions for Lead Toddler Teachers:

1. What factors do you take into account when developing curricula for toddlers?

Shows technical expertise.

2. How would you complete multiple tasks within a short time frame?

Shows organizational and multi-tasking abilities.

3. How would you support a toddler who was feeling homesick?

Highlights interpersonal skills, including compassion for students.

4. Could you describe a time when you mentored another teacher?

Assesses mentoring and interpersonal skills.

5. Why did you choose to specialize as a Lead Toddler Teacher?

Reveals an interest in early childhood education.

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