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Interview Query Jobs Board is a job posting service that connects employers with individuals skilled in software engineering and data science. Despite the absence of several advanced features, the job board's tailored hiring approach and broad subscriber database of over 80,000 members help employers effortlessly engage with qualified professionals.


  • Interview Query Jobs Board offers free and customizable paid job posting plans.
  • Job advertisements are emailed via newsletter to more than 50,000 potential candidates.
  • The free plan ensures prominent visibility at the top of the job board for over 30 days.
  • Interview Query Jobs Board is partnered with several top universities, including UCLA and the University of Washington.
  • The platform offers candidate matching and screening options to help streamline recruitment.
  • Potential candidates are ranked to help employers simplify the screening process.
  • Interview Query Jobs Board provides employers with training to help interviewers better identify top candidates.


  • The platform is missing a range of robust features, including resume database access.
  • Job advertisements on Interview Query Jobs Board do not include company logos.
  • Interview Query Jobs Board's more advanced tools are only available with the promoted job posting plan.


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Interview Query Jobs Board vs. Outer Join:

The main distinction between Interview Query Jobs Board and Outer Join lies in their pricing, with the latter offering pricier plans that start at $99.00 per post. In contrast, Interview Query Jobs Board offers free and paid job posting plans. However, Outer Join features employer profiles and bulk job postings, both missing from Interview Query Jobs Board's plans.

Interview Query Jobs Board vs. Data Umbrella:

Both Interview Query Jobs Board and Data Umbrella offer free job postings, but only the former allows employers with extensive hiring needs to create a paid bespoke plan. While Data Umbrella's free plan includes employer branding, Interview Query Jobs Board's plan lacks multiple robust features. However, Interview Query Jobs Board does promote jobs in its newsletter.

Interview Query Jobs vs. DataJobs.com:

While Interview Query Jobs offers both free and paid job posting plans, DataJobs.com is significantly more costly at $150.00 per post. That said, DataJobs.com lacks various advanced features offered by Interview Query Jobs, including candidate matching and featured job postings.

Key Information

Legal Name

Interview Query


Jay Feng

Founding Date

Jun 01, 2019


San Francisco, CA






How useful is Interview Query Jobs Board?

Interview Query Jobs Board offers a tailored hiring approach for employers looking to recruit professionals with expertise in software engineering and data science.

Is Interview Query Jobs Board free?

Yes, Interview Query Jobs Board allows employers to post jobs for free. The platform also offers a promoted job posting plan that is fully customizable. Interested users can contact Interview Query Jobs for a quote.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on Interview Query Jobs Board?

It's free to post a basic job posting on Interview Query's job board. Those interested in the promoted job posting plan can contact Interview Query Jobs Board for a quote.

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