HTML Developer Interview Questions

HTML Developer Interview Questions

June 30th, 2020

HTML Developers code, design, test, and implement website projects. They are responsible for coding the entire web project as well as providing support for website users.

When interviewing HTML Developers, look for candidates with knowledge of front-end technologies and those with experience in customer support. Avoid candidates with limited knowledge of web design and those who are unable to meet strict publication deadlines.

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Interview Questions for HTML Developers:

1. What information should be shared between Web Designers and HTML Developers?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of web design and information sharing.

2. What front-end languages are you most familiar with?

Highlights the candidate's areas of expertise.

3. How would you ensure you meet the publication deadlines given by the client on a project?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to prioritize work and complete projects on time.

4. A user is experiencing problems with an eCommerce application on your website. How do you respond?

Tests the candidate's troubleshooting skills.

5. What was the most difficult project you worked on, and why?

Highlights the candidate's experience with coding and implementing websites.

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